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Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud Teams With Headspace on Mindfulness Content

Published by Daniel Brooks Moore on

Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud has inked a content partnership with Headspace to produce content that will blend comedy and mindfulness.  

Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud has inked a content partnership with Headspace to produce content that will blend comedy and mindfulness.

The Santa Monica, California-based meditation company’s content studio, Headspace Studios, will work with LOL Studios to produce programming for both the Headspace app and Laugh Out Loud YouTube digital channels.

Hart, Laugh Out Loud’s founder and chairman, said in a statement that the goal of the partnership was to inspire and motivate people. “Partnering with Headspace to bring wellness and positivity to everyone through premium comedic content delivers on our mission at LOL to keep the world laughing together,” he said, adding that he wants to fuse comedy with wellness.

The programming, which will begin to roll out in January, will include YouTube series Meditate With Me, in which talent like Hasan Minhaj, Amanda Seales and Deon Cole take viewers through their own meditation journeys. LOL is also planning two pieces of content that will live within the Headspace app: Energy Shots with Kevin, a three-to-five minute daily motivational message encouraging listeners to take healthier actions, that will be available to Headspace Plus subscribers through The Wake Up hub; and Mindful Runs, a part of the Move hub that will feature Hart guiding and motivating Headspace Plus members during their workouts.

“Headspace and Kevin Hart share a passion for bringing joy to people around the world. So, our partnership with LOL Studios is an organic opportunity to merge the worlds of comedy and mindfulness together to make our planet a healthier and happier place,” said Headspace chief content officer Sam Rogoway in a statement. “We are excited to break new ground with Kevin and LOL by introducing mindfulness concepts through inspirational comedy.”

Headspace’s work with LOL is its latest content partnership. The company recently teamed up with BBC Studios on a four-part BBC Four miniseries called Mindful Escapes: Breathe, Release, Restore and has also worked with brands like Mattel and Sesame Street.

Hart’s LOL began posting regularly to YouTube around three years ago and now has 4.75 million subscribers to its slate of programming, which includes interview series Cold as Balls and workout program What the Fit.

By: Natalie Jarvey for: The Hollywood Reporter


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