Now's The Time (NTT) is a Positive Shared Space™ where people struggling with mental health, sexual assault and substance abuse issues can go to find help, inspiration, and encouragement when they need it the most.

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Hi, my name is Daniel Brooks Moore, by day I'm a designer — solving problems through the use of design, technology and other creative solutions. By night, I work on building-out, contributing to and curating Now's The Time (NTT). I started NTT in 2018 after I experienced my personal rock-bottom and I knew I couldn't live much longer repeating the unmedicated cycle of highs-and-lows for the forth time in my life. I was truly in need of help. So many people around me told me to "Get some help," but I didn't know where to go for "help"! I didn't know who to talk to. I was in a really bad place! I was suicidal, I didn't love myself and I didn't want to live any longer but I didn't want to kill myself either. I mean I was all over the place, I was a mess! Thankfully, eventually I started finding little bits of "help" (here-and-there) that over several months gave me what I needed to take better care of myself, which led to me checking myself into a hospital. I moved on to a 30-day out patient program, then meds that would help me live a healthy life being bi-polar. Things are much better for me now. I'm addressing my mental health needs and tackling my struggle against alcohol abuse. NTT has been helpful to me! I'm sharing it with others now and I hope you'll find it just as helpful if not more  than I have. Please feel free to 'like', 'comment' or reach out in other ways.

Take care and love yourself!

- Daniel B Moore '19

For now all inquiries should be directed to: or call: 1 (267) 975-6826