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Stay More Mindful in Your Everyday Life With This 1-Week Mindfulness Plan

Published by Daniel Brooks Moore (some content may be aggregated) on

It seems like we’re constantly plugged in: scrolling through social media, listening to podcasts, and streaming TV shows take up all of our free time. But have you ever stopped to just take a big breath and be mindful? “Mindfulness” has become such a buzzword over the last couple of years, but what does it actually mean?

David Schiller, author of Mindfulness: Ideas and Inspiration to Open Your I, best describes mindfulness as “intentional seeing” in his book. To break it down, it means to “hit pause, slow down, try to let go of the endless stream of thoughts, and just focus on what’s in front of us.” This means being aware of your surroundings and your thoughts, and to be fully present.

Since we are so used to having distractions running in the background — listening to music in the car, watching TV while cooking, streaming a podcast while gardening — it’s rare we are actually present and focused on what we are doing. Although that seems like a big ask, here are everyday ways you can incorporate mindfulness into your life. For just a couple of minutes a day, you can focus on your breathing, tune out your thoughts, and keep your mind on the simple task at hand.

We’ve compiled a one-week plan for being more mindful each day. Since mindfulness isn’t meditation exactly, you may also want to add a few minutes of guided meditation into your day. The following opportunities for mindfulness will help you de-stress, focus, and have more energy for the rest of your busy life.



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