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Mad Influence: The GQ Podcast

Published by Daniel Brooks Moore on

Mad Influence is GQ’s podcast featuring interviews with musicians, actors, artists, and designers share the behind-the-scenes stories, hard-won wisdom, and legacy-defining choices they’ve made in crafting legendary careers. Hosted by Jim Nelson. Listen free at Apple, and anywhere else you subscribe to podcasts.

A bit more:

For decades, GQ magazine has convened unforgettable discussions with the world’s leading cultural figures—now that tradition takes a new form. Mad Influence, hosted by GQ’s Editor in Chief Jim Nelson, features some of the most acclaimed actors, artists, and personalities of our time in lively and revealing conversation about the decisive moments that have defined their lives and shaped their careers. Where does inspiration come from? How are creative breakthroughs achieved? And what lessons can we learn from the feats—and the failures—of the world’s greatest performers?


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