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​All I know to do right now

Published by Daniel Brooks Moore on

All I know to do right now is to do what I know is right. #keepmovingforward:

Stuck in a box,
I want to get out of the box.
How do I get out?
I try.
It’s hard!
I try again.
I get closer.
I continue my attempt to get out.
It’s getting tough now.
I feel resistance to my progress.
Now I’m frustrated!
This is harder than I thought.
Maybe I should just stay in the box.
Is it really so bad in this box?
Answer: “Yes.”
I must get out!
I don’t belong stuck in a box.
The only way out is to not stop trying.
So I fight harder to get out.
Resistance is strong.
I’m stronger!
I will defeat resistance.
I will get out,
I have to because I don’t belong in a box!

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