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Pre-departure Clearance

Published by Daniel Brooks Moore (some content may be aggregated) on

I started Now’s The Time & Co. (NTT) because I was looking for help! I was searching for resources, apps any kinda mental health and substance abuse help I could find to help me to understand myself better, my thoughts, feelings, why I abused alcohol – just a better overall understanding of what I was struggling with. I needed help and answers from professional resources and articles. So I decided to aggregate resources and display them on NTT.

Eventually I decided that I wanted to make NTT a full time commitment to help myself and others, so I decided combine my passion for using design, technology and other creative solutions to solve problems with a mission to create a platform for people who are genuinely curious about mental health and substance abuse. Since this is a full time commitment of mine I’ve also decided to make this my job and find ways to make it a profitable business.

So I decided to use this space to journal about my quest to make NTT a business that helps people live the life they are called to live and I will document my journey of turning my passion into a purpose that helps others and myself.

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