On my way home.

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Driving fast. I’m energized. I’m so excited because I’m on my way home now! 

Can’t wait ’til I arrive at the front door because I know love is on the other side.

See when I get home I’ll be surrounded by love. Custom-made love fit for me. I’ll put my bags down when I get there. Loved ones all around me! I love them so much. I know them and they know and love me. Inside this home is where my family lives!

Driving faster now so hold on! I see my worries in the distance through my rear view mirror.

Almost there! I can see my home from here. Now I know why they say there’s no place like home. 

I’ve been in search of a place to call home for several years now. I’ve searched high, low, side-to-side for my home. 
I’m at a place right now where I feel I’m on the road that leads home. It’s a great feeling. It’s a feeling I haven’t felt in years. I’ll know when I get there, there are no doubts about it. 

I wrote this post lying in bed after a long day of doing the next right thing repeatedly. I looked back at my day and I realized I’m headed in the right direction in my life and soon I’ll be home.

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