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Space Between (Absent)

Published by Daniel Brooks Moore on

Absent from you, it always feels more lonely when I’m apart from you.

I miss you Father, family, and you.

I miss building and creating things…

But again when it comes back to you, I have to look at myself too

I’ve been distracted by things and neglected the most important people in my life

Working on myself 

But finding my way back to myself and you is all I want to do

It always comes around back to you though

I’m never over you 

Something about you 

You move me

Forgive me, I can’t turn and walk away from you 

Sleeping in my bed imagining you 

Talking to you in bed and realizing you’re not there 

I forgot you’re not here anymore

Back to me.  I know it has to come back to me.

and for that, I apologize. I let you’ll down.

See you down the road.



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