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Please excuse my hopefulness.

Published by Daniel Brooks Moore on

Why does it seem to bother you so much that I choose to be hopeful every morning especially when I’m down?

Why is it that you don’t talk to me when you’re frustrated and get upset with me if I choose the glass half full approach when putting a plan together to solve a problem?

Why do you want me to drown with you when you’re in your self-pity mindset?

Why does it bother you so much that I choose to be hopeful during the cold dark seasons we all have to endure at some point in our lives?

My hope and happiness is center around my faith in God. That’s all I have right now that’s real. I’ve decided to give my life over to the Lord. I’ve placed everything on my relationship with the Lord. So when night comes, the storm approaches and the wind blows with all it has. I buckle down, hold on tight, trust in the Lord and remain hopeful that I’ll make it through a better man and with a stronger faith in the Lord. That’s why I’m hopeful today, yesterday and Lord willing tomorrow.

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