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Published by Daniel Brooks Moore on

Social media has grown to be too big to handle all at once. Of course, that’s not breaking news. The whole idea of social media is brilliant. It affects us all one way or another whether we play an active role in it or not.

My footprint on social media has been pretty lame, to say the least. I basically push content from one URL to another, sharing what’s been shared several times before.

So why am I contributing more to social media?

Yes, I do feel the world needs another “blog” if that’s what you want to call it. At the end of last year, I purchased the domain name: and have been using it as a portfolio site to promote my design work. After months of writing emails and introducing myself as Daniel Brooks Moore, sharing an URL with the same name and telling people “you can learn about me by clicking here”. I realized people that visited the site would know of me only as a graphic designer and think that’s all there is to me since that’s all I’m really sharing about myself.

So now what?

Thankfully, I have a job now and don’t need to send countless links out every day. I’ll continue to design side projects and create concepts that I’ll share on the site from time-to-time, but I am attempting to do so much more with the site now. For the last few weeks I have been slowly renovating the site so that it will be used as a platform to create, share, broadcast and archive thoughts and ideas I find important for us. Some will be my own, some will be created by others you know and don’t know.

Who is “us”?

“Us” is the target audience and it consists of Doers – you, me and our friends. Must of us are very passionate about doing something that really matters and makes a lasting positive impression on the lives of others; so I’ve dedicated this space for Doers to find inspiration and share with each other.

So, I’m working every day to improve this space that’s been dedicated to broadcasting positivity and inspiration to help each of us play our roles and do the work of improving ourselves and the lives of others.

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