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If You Do Not Mindfully Set Boundaries, You Lose More Than Sleep

Published by Daniel Brooks Moore on

Whether it’s a friendship, romance, roommate, or professional relationship, it’s important to set boundaries to protect and to ensure respect for one’s identity and wellbeing. Communicating boundaries is the foundation of a healthy relationship!

What are boundaries?

An invisible line that defines what behaviors are acceptable for an individual. Boundaries can be physical (e.g., do not touch me) or emotional (do not lie to me). Boundaries can also be based on time or space (e.g., when I do X, Y or Z, please respect my time and understand I will not be able to speak/ hang out with you until X, Y, or Z is completed.)

Why do we need healthy boundaries?

Setting boundaries is a form of self-care. It helps to create a clear guideline/rule/limits of how you would like to be treated. They let others know what is and what is not okay/acceptable. It honors our needs and wants so that we feel respected and safe. As students, boundaries also help to avoid burnout, stress, and anxiety. It can also help prevent financial and emotional burdens.

How to set boundaries?

  • First, recognize you deserve to be treated with respect. You are a worthwhile person!
  • Second, take a second to define and acknowledge what boundaries you may or may not have already set in your relationship.
  • Thirdly, recognize what boundaries you would like to set in place. What are your needs and wants? Please know boundaries you set for friends may look different for family and partners etc.,
  • Lastly, communicate your boundaries in a respectful manner and respect others’ boundaries.
  • For more information on setting boundaries, please visit this link:



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