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The ‘Ted Lasso’ Cast Is Going to the White House Today to Discuss Mental Health

Published by Daniel Brooks Moore on

The cast of the beloved and award-winning show Ted Lasso, which just debuted its third season last week on Apple TV+, is headed to the White House today for a discussion on mental health initiatives with President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill.

It’s fitting that the cast of Ted Lasso is involved in this effort. The show, which premiered in the midst of the pandemic in 2020, has become a cultural phenomenon thanks to its themes of optimism, kindness and determination. Jason Sudeikis, who stars in the titular role, is expected to speak with the Biden administration on ways mental health can be addressed in the U.S.

The pandemic has had a profound impact on mental health across the country, with many individuals struggling to cope with social isolation and the stresses of the pandemic. Biden has made mental health a priority, investing millions of dollars in federal, state and local efforts to address the issue.

In particular, the administration has focused on expanding access to mental health treatment for children and adolescents, as well as training first responders to better handle mental health emergencies. The goal is to transform the way mental health is addressed in America and provide much-needed resources for those in need.

“Mental health affects all of us,” Biden said in October. “We can and must do more to transform how we address mental health in America.”


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