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Mental Health & Marriage with Michi Marshall, Aja Crowder and More

Published by Daniel Brooks Moore on

In the 2nd episode of I Am Woman, Michi Marshall is joined by Aja Crowder, Sharelle Rosado and Ashley Wheeler as the ladies expand upon last week’s sit down and dive into some tough topics. Talking about their relationships and how the men in their world have adjusted to the ups and downs that come with life after football, Michi opens up about Brandon’s work habits while Aja and Ashley talk about their husbands in the roles of father vs partner. Sharelle, who was married earlier in her life, offers a different viewpoint and explains how she put in the self-work to feel secure and balanced in her current relationship. The conversation turns personal as Michi opens up about her own health scare and how it led to her suffering from severe postpartum depression. The ladies stress the value in counseling for self help as well as guidance in relationships to help better understand what you want and need in life. Aja and Ashley talk about how therapy helped them find their way in marriage while Sharelle credits her kids for noticing she wasn’t herself after returning from the Army, which led her to counseling. Adding a little spice to the episode, the ladies are treated to a visit from House Of Athlete’s own Chef Lowe who serves them a delicious meal and also gives a male perspective on relationships, communication issues and the importance of working on oneself. This 6-part limited series releases every Friday at 12 noon eastern on the I Am Athlete platform.



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