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What Former NBA Player Jay Williams Thought Moments After the Accident That Changed His Life

Published by Daniel Brooks Moore on

Jay Williams was hailed as one of the most electrifying college basketball players to ever come out of Duke University’s storied program. After graduating in just three years, Jay joined the Chicago Bulls. During his rookie season, Jay struggled on and off the court to find his confidence and says he began to lose himself in what he believed it meant to be an NBA star.

At the end of the season, Jay ignored the contract he signed prohibiting him from riding motorcycles, and bought a high-speed sport bike. In June 2003, he crashed his motorcycle, suffering serious injuries that required 13 surgeries, 100 staples in his left leg and physical therapy to regain the use of his leg.

Now, Jay recalls his first thoughts after the accident that altered the course of his life. “I felt at that moment that I had thrown everything I had just worked for my entire life away,” he says in the video above.

(Source: Oprah)


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