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An agency of one with a network of many creatives. I replace freelancers and expensive agencies with quality design and an exceptional experience. Welcome to the simplified graphic design buying process!

The Uncomplicated Design Process

1. Select a edesign Product or Service

Plug in to the future of design! Choose from the menu of branding, graphic, web or app design products and services; just submit requests and track their progress. I use Trello, Slack, and old school email and phone to offer convenient integrations.

2. Book a Consultation (online or by phone)

Learn more about how the process works and how it can help you. Get a fixed rate price based on the hours needed to complete your project: No surprises here, at an hourly rate of $150/hr. Unused hours are credited to your account or are refundable.

3. Make a deposit.

Just 50% down towards the total cost of the project or plan you choose and we git srated on your project(s). I’ll send you a Docusign link, deposit link then a login link to manage your project(s).

4. On it: Time to ge to work!

Receive your design within a few business days on average (Monday - Friday) quality design delivered on time! Hours you don't use rollover for future projects (if you purchase a plan) and the they're credited back to you.

5. Manage with Trello

Manage your design board using Trello. Easily access active, queued and completed tasks with ease without the frustration of working with slow-moving and expensive agencies.

6. We'll revise the designs until you're 100% satisfied.

Pay the remaining balance. …receive your design files, Unique and all yours! Each of your designs is made especially for you and is 100% yours.

Specialty services

Web & App Design

Unlock your online potential with visually stunning and highly engaging web designs tailored to your business or personal needs. Connect your marketing and development teams to the professional web design services to create captivating user experiences.

Branding Design*

Branding design is the most popular specialty of mine. Get the brand expertise you need, however you need it, from brand development to custom branding solutions. Plug a fully-stacked designer into your business to create unforgettable branding; available for business and professional needs.

Graphic Design

From book covers, magazines, posters and flyer designs, get custom print designs to capture your audience’s attention. Get original presentations designed for your persuasive pitch decks, sales decks, or PowerPoint presentations.

Product, UI and UX Design

From imagining, creating, and iterating products that solve users’ problems or address specific needs for your business or product(s) to designing user's journey when interacting with your product or service.

Custom Design Solutions

Get 360 campaigns, designs and concept ideas that capture and entice your audience. Get on-brand designs for your business or professional needs to stand out from the crowd.

Working with me: How it works


Select a plan that works for you.

Imagine a easier way to get design done! Choose from an array of plans and design products created to better the way to get design done. Whatever creative support you need to help your brand grow faster—I’ve got you. Hours you don't use rollover for future projects or are credited back to you.


Contact me, make a deposit and off to the races!

It’s up to you - by phone or through this site let me know what you’re looking to have designed and I’ll provide you with an estimate. Make a deposit and I’ll get to work! Receive your design within a few business days on average, Monday to Friday.


I'll revise the designs until you're 100% satisfied.

I use Trello (a creative management platform) that lets you submit projects, provide feedback, and store assets. It also contains all your plan details and team conversations.

A positve shared space.

Now's The Time is a platform that I created for people who are genuinely curious about mental health and substance abuse.

This began as a passion project of mine. I have a passion for using design and technology to solve problems in a meaningful way, so I decided to apply this approach to mental health and substance abuse; is a work in progress.

Now's The Time

What's Cooking?

I’m constantly designing, developing and playing with new ideas. There’s always something stirring in the pot. More information coming soon. Here are my current projects in development: