Date:August 2015

Type:Logo, UI, UX, Product

About Shockoe Hotel

Since Virginia is for lovers I decided to make the main mark a heart. This is a place for guest to enjoy a fun and luxurious experience in a chic hotel environment. Seeking to redefine the temporary nature of the current hotel offerings in Richmond, VA, The Shockoe Hotel is a luxury, boutique hotel located in Richmond Virginia’s historic Shockoe Bottom.

The Shockoe Hotel it is one of Richmond’s most unique historic adaptive reuse projects, and is located in the heart of Richmond’s Tobacco Row District. Originally built as cigarette and cigar manufacturing buildings for the Whitlock Branch of P. Lorillard Tobacco Company just after the turn of the century, The Shockoe Hotel offers a classic chic experience with unmatched amenities.

Unique elements of Richmond’s culture, landscape and the environment are interwoven within this multi-functional, adaptable and thoughtfully designed hotel.

Through combining elegant design features and cultural influence, The Shockoe Hotel enhances the premium travel experience, and continues to have a lifespan beyond the journey itself.

This project was completed as a concept project to help restore one of Shockoe Bottom’s oldest landmarks.


Logo Design, Identity (Signatures & Naming), Content Branding Manuals & Guides, Art Direction sourcing photography/imagery