Client:Tequila Revolución

Date:August 2014

Type:Identity, Print

About this Project

Last week, when I walked through the Duty Free shop at an airport in Mexico – a native told me, “if you want real Mexican tequila you have to leave with the best “Tequila Revolucion”. She was right!

For fun, I decided to challenge myself by designing the identity and logo. The redesign began identifying which of the original design elements in their branding system were working, and then updated those that were not. I unified the messaging across all printed materials and modernized the logo without losing its original identifying marks.

About Tequila Revolucion: Crafts superb tequila is a matter of choices: choosing the right things over the easy ones, the important things over the flashy ones, the natural things over the artificial ones; because everything you choose to include or use in the process of making tequila, will show in the final distillate. And this can be a good thing, if you choose wisely; or a not so good one, if you choose to go the path most traveled.