NSU Athletics Logo Redesign

About this project

I took on the task of designing a visual identity for the athletic department of one of my favorite universities in my home state, Virginia. The challenge was to create a distinct identity that stands firmly on its own, in a league that includes three other universities that have a Spartan as a mascot. It was also important that the identity maintain a cohesion that could scale with the all 15 of NSU intercollegiate sports teams.

The Process

Step 1.
The process of the redesign began by diving deep into the university’s long, storied history. The institution was founded On September 18,, as the Norfolk Unit of Virginia Union University, and is a historically black university. Eighty-five students attended the first classes held in 1935.

Step 2.
As of 2015, the institution educates more than 6,200 undergraduate students.

Step 3.
The new design emphasizes the institution’s long and strong history; a history very similar to the Spartans of Sparta, around 650 BC.