Analytics Dashboard Design

About this project

This part of a dashboard/web portal project I worked on. The web portal is a website market research and analytics portal for (for my client), that helps marketing or data analysts from Consumer Packaged Goods, better understand how much they or their products have sold online – along with their competitor’s products through different product/report offerings.

The Portal retrieves the purchase data from those people who have linked their emails to the (my client’s app). Some of the products/reports focus on providing volumetric insights ($, units sold, buyers), while others show email volume trends (shipping, order, confirmation, payment, etc).




The Ask

Step 1.
Design a dashboard where multiple products will be housed.

Step 2.
Show how a user can navigate from one product to the next

Step 3.
Also how you would show that a product has something of interest – deep link to it.

Step 4.
And lastly, how does a user navigate within offerings inside a product?

About Slice

We started Slice with a passion. And a frustration. As avid online shoppers, we found there was no shortage of stuff to buy online and places to buy it from, but things didn’t always run smoothly after that. The more sites we bought from, the more things got complicated.

That’s where the idea for Slice originated.

Jan 2017

Role: Product Design, UI Design, UX Design, Visual Design, Identity Design

Client: In-house project