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To: Daniel

Published by Daniel Brooks Moore on


I try to stay away, avoid you, and back away from you.

I can’t avoid you. You are in bed with me when I try to sleep and you’re there again in the morning and during the day. 

I’m tired of slamming doors, but you get through. 

Yet there are days when I feel loved by you. There are days when I feel like you want to destroy me. 

We’ve accomplished so much together. We are loved by others. Can we learn to love each other? 

You are me and I am you. Can we stop fighting?

I’m so good at forgetting what the devil has done to us. Alcohol was our gift from him. It’s only proven to be a war and not a solution.

We have to get over your past to move forward.

We wany a solid career, and a family for Daniel’s own that he supports (wife and kids) 

We have to belive in you again, Daniel through the war you’re experiencing.

You are better than you used to be, even during your basketball days. 


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