It’s been far too long

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I want to apologize for being so distant lately, it’s been far too long.

Things seem to be coming to a close with seltement thats pending with a former employer of mine. To tell you the truth the whole matter has taken a toll on me, but I initiated the suite because I know I was treated unfairly and it’s not right to allow big companies to think they can bully you. Anyway, as I said – I’m glad it seems to be coming to an end. Other than that every time my girlfriend and I argue these days (which isn’t often) I think we’re about to break up. Add that to the fact that I’ve been looking for a job that I feel would be a good culture fit for more than 4 months now. I also have some family members that have been going through some things lately and I haven’t been there for them like I think I should be, and that’s sad.

I’m not going to list all my problems here, I just want to apologize to all my loved ones for not being fully present lately – and that includes my relationship with the Lord. There have been too many Sundays lately that I’ve spent sitting in the pews at church and thinking about just about everything other than what the preacher is preaching. So, it’s fitting that I would write this post on a Sunday because later, my girlfriend and I are planning to go to church and this time I believe my priority is in order.

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