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7 best meditation apps for anxiety and stress on iPhone and Android

Published by Daniel Brooks Moore on

Squeezing meditation and mindfulness exercises into your day is much easier when you use an app.

Meditation can benefit your health in many ways, from improving your concentration to reducing anxiety.

It’s a small lifestyle change, but one that can reap big rewards.

There are plenty of calm meditation apps out there to help you deal with anxiety and stress in your day-to-day life, from HeadSpace to Buddhify.

Read on to discover an app that suits you.

Meditation apps to download


Android, £1.99, and iPhone, £4.99

Buddhify helps you to bring mindfulness and meditation into your day – in short bursts if necessary.

There are over 11 hours of custom meditations to try which are suited to each part of your life, including travelling, taking a break at work and going to sleep.

Buy Buddhify for Android devices or iPhones/iPads.

Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax

Android and iPhone, in-app purchases

Take a deep breath and open this app for a dose of instant relaxation.

Bring mindful meditation into your life with the Calm app, which offers a variety of ways to reduce anxiety including guided meditations, breathing programs and Sleep Stories to help you relax.

Download the app for Android and iPhone.

HeadSpace Guided Meditation and Mindfulness

Android and iPhone, in-app purchases

While this app offers in-app purchases, the basic version of the app is free to download and covers the basics of living a happier, healthier life.

Once you’ve tried it out, you can choose to upgrade which gives you access to hundreds of meditations covering everything from anxiety to sleep. Get HeadSpace for Android or Apple devices.

Let’s Meditate

Android only, free

This handy free app can be downloaded from the Google Play store and it’s a great way to get into meditation.

The app contains 30 meditation exercises which guide you through the exercises one step at a time. Get the app here.

Relax Meditation

iPhone only, in-app purchases

Bring positive change into your life with this soothing app, which focuses on mindful meditation.

Pick one of the themed meditation programs to get started – there’s success, self-esteem, creativity and more to choose from. You can try out and contribute your own community mixes too.

There are also sleep sounds to help you drift off to sleep at the end of a hard day.

Download the app here.

Simple Habit

Android and iPhone, in-app purchases

If you’re really short of time and don’t think you can spare a minute for meditation, this app is the answer.

Use Simple Habit to fit 5-minute meditation sessions into your day – and you’ll soon see the benefit.

It’s available on Google Play and the App Store.

Stop Breathe & Think: Meditate

Android and iPhone, in-app purchases

Use this app to become more in tune with your feelings and aware of your emotions.

Once you’ve gauged how you’re feeling, you can choose a meditation to suit your mood.

As well as offering guided meditations, there’s also a meditation self-timer and a tracker so you can monitor your emotions both before and after a meditation session.

Download Stop Breath & Think for Android or iPhone.

(Source: In The Moment)


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