Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc aren’t a big part of my life.  I deleted the Facebook app from my phone because I got tired of alerts about silly things “friends” posted. Instagram was fun for me for a while. Initially, I followed photographers and posted some of my own photos. Slowly the app became another social media network full of clutter. Snapchat, well I actually don’t have much to say about Snapchat it’s just another app to me. I’ve never understood Snapchat’s appeal.

Of course, these are all my own personal opinions. However, lately, I’ve met more people who have similar feelings about social media. 

There’s way to much noise on social media and just about anything is posted. Things that shouldn’t matter that much, like celebrity breakups take up too much space and are shared too often. Less glamorous news, like the special election in Georgia’s 6th district yesterday doesn’t take up enough space and isn’t shared as often as it should. 

We fake a lot of shit on social media. I’m guilty of this myself. I looked through some of my old Instagram photos the other day, the trend went from photos of nature and natural beauty to pictures with bottles of alcohol and half dressed women in the background and a smile on my face. Without saying the words, the photos suggested: “I’m leaving the life”. Truth is, those photos are only fragments of my “superficial life”.I was at my worst in life while posing for pictures with the largest grin on my face.

Let’s just be honest we only display snapshots and share moments of the highlights of our lives. Times that by the fact that fake news and frivolous information spread through social media like a forest fire. 

Are we ready to get real? Can we talk “real talk”? Let’s talk about shit that matters most to us and share it with each other. Let’s embrace technology even more and do it with a helping hand. We need support for one another now more than any time during my lifetime!

I’m in the process of building a network that utilizes current and developing technology to connect people with other people around matters of struggle and success. I’m building a supportive and uplifting social media network for people to learn, grow, be vulnerable – a network where humans help humans through the journey of life.

Lastly, this is something I’m truly passionate about! I feel this is part of my life’s purpose. For years, my heart’s desire has been to find ways to utilize technology, design and other creative solutions to solve everyday problems for people around the world.

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Daniel Brooks Moore

User Experience & Visual Designer at DBM
Hi, I have a sincere passion for creating solutions that solve everyday problems, for people, through the use of design and technology.
Daniel Brooks Moore
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