Client: DBM, LLC

Date: June 2017

Type:Product, UI, UX, Identity

About AR Guide

AR Guide is an app where people can choose from hand-picked sights and activities curated by locals, celebrities, family and friends. Select a tour guide and explore the city, while enjoying an AR enabled location map.

1. Select a city then a guide

2. Add family and friends from your contact list

3. Choose from a list of family, friends and celebrities guides that know the city well!

4. Add a minimum of 3 points of interest

5. Just a moment while we create your custom tour!

6. Sort through, add, and edit locations and view them by category

7. You can start your tour from here if you’d like - AR points are defined in blue.

8. Let’s check out details about the first stop on my tour of San Fransisco while I wait to arrive. Wow! An ARpoint.