Crafting quick counts

What most buyers don’t realize is that at any given time, a single A.C. Moore location can have up to 40,000 unique items in stock. That takes a lot of people and processes behind the scenes to keep everything in order.

Tuning up a retail industry

Despite recognizing the need to upgrade their inventory management system, A.C. Moore relied heavily on their legacy tools to keep in-store operations running smoothly. Any system downtime during upgrading meant risking the potential loss of revenue. Additionally, any modern best-in-class software wouldn’t be compatible with their older hardware. Therefore, a new system could mean significant investments in newer devices.

Given this, A.C. Moore was concerned that the cost to upgrade their existing hardware and software would outweigh the benefits. A.C. Moore challenged Shockoe to create a solution that met operational needs in a cost-effective manner.

After a quick trial release at a flagship store in Philadelphia, A.C. Moore rolled the new inventory and asset management app to all of their 136 locations with resoundingly positive feedback. According to their CIO, “every store has 4 of the new devices with the app, and each one wants 5 more.”

The application has continued to grow in feature-set. Shockoe built a Pinterest plug-in so that employees could quickly view and share popular projects with customers, and several more releases are in the works.


“Every store has 4 of the new devices with the app, and each one of our locations wants 5 more.”

– CIO, A.C. Moore

“We love these things, we fight for them all the time.”

– Store Manager, A.C. Moore


Client: A.C. Moore

Date:November 2015

Type:Product, UI, UX , Product

About A.C. Moore

Helping thousands of employees complete product counting more efficiently than ever.

A.C. Moore is a defunct American arts and crafts retail chain with 145 locations in the eastern United States, with its corporate headquarters located in Berlin, New Jersey. The chain has been owned by Sbar's since 2011